Is Lack of Consistency Holding You Back?

Consistency in nutrition and training helps transform healthy choices into habits. When you consistently make nutritious food choices and engage in regular physical activity, it becomes ingrained in your daily life. These habits become second nature, making it easier to sustain your healthy lifestyle in the long run. Consistency helps you break free from the cycle of inconsistency and yo-yo dieting, fostering a positive relationship with food and exercise

The question is- how do you stay consistent?! 

  • Clear Goals. Begin by defining clear and realistic goals for your nutrition and training. Whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle, or improving overall well-being, having clear objectives provides a sense of direction and purpose. You can then break down your goals in to smaller, more manageable goals (you can look up SMART goals if you want to know more about this) 
    Without clarity, it’s hard to develop consistency.
  • Stop relying on motivation. I probably feel motivated to get my butt to the gym and weigh all my food about 30% of the time. Part of the process of consistency is getting comfortable being uncomfortable! Motivation is fleeting, and that initial excitement you get when you’re on day 1 will fade quicker than it came. I promise you’re not broken!
  • Consistency thrives in a structured environment. Create a daily or weekly routine that outlines your nutrition and training activities. Plan your meals in advance, schedule your workouts at consistent times, and try treating them as non-negotiable appointments just like you do work meetings/kids games etc. Establishing a routine minimizes decision fatigue and makes it easier to stick to your plan.
  • Accountability. Whether it’s hiring a coach or pairing up with a friend/partner/or family member with similar goals, accountability goes such a long way. Sometimes in life we need someone looking out for us to make sure our goals don’t slip through the cracks. Even coaches need coaches! 
  • Learn how to add in some flexibility. Consistency should NOT be confused with perfection. It’s not  realistic, can take a lot of joy out of living, and most importantly isn’t sustainable. Instead of dwelling on setbacks, focus on getting back on track and adapting next time. 
  • Be kind to yourself & learn to love the process.  Shaming yourself in to results sucks. If you’re looking to be the healthiest version of you, finding out how to enjoy the process can go a long way. Being on a diet can feel like such a negative thing, but choosing to change your lifestyle to one that supports your goals and your health doesn’t need to be (In fact, it can be done out of love and respect for your body) Which can be a much more positive experience that’s easier to stick to.

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