“Never been happier with a gym or my overall athletic performance. I encourage everyone to come in and give crossfit Burlington a try!”   — Jack

“Thanks for the killer workout and great hospitality…my legs are smoked…you guys are awesome!”      — Vanessa

“Thanks for the great workouts, Beau!  Even though it’s a little hard driving 12 hours when every inch of your body hurts ;)!”   — Jeanne

“Thank you Beau for opening up your gym to my friends and me.  We had a great experience and if we are back in Vermont, we’ll be back.”   —Andy

“Just wanted to say thanks again for a great summer. Without a doubt, you have taught me more about lifting than any coach or mentor in the past. Could not have repped 155 lbs on the power clean today without your instruction this summer. Feeling great, best of luck and hope to see you in the future!”   —Grady

“I just want to thank Beau for welcoming me into his gym for just the summer and giving me the courage and the strength to proceed on down to Florida in the CrossFit world. You have given me the confidence in myself I have lost and you have…pushed me in such a motivating way, no words can describe. Thank you to Jenny, his fiancé, for helping my little Lucy to be fit as well. I will always remember who woke me up and who got me to care about myself again. Truly thankful and forever grateful!”   —Brooke