Bio Snapshot – Coach David Mendenhall

David Mendenhall is a relatively recent, but rabid, CrossFit convert. A lifelong downhill skier and outdoor enthusiast, his adult training and fitness exploits prior to his CrossFit baptism in 2013 involved years dedicated to the martial arts, including intensive training in Aikido and Tai Chi, a personal yoga practice, distance running, triathlon competition, and semi-“extreme” cycling stints. After hanging up his cycling helmet in the fall of 2012 for an indefinite hiatus, his wife introduced him to Beau Teal at CrossFit Burlington. He’s unclear about the exact details that followed, but he’s fairly certain that Kool-Aid was drunk, vows might’ve been taken, and he was introduced to a lot of strange new women: Fran, Grace, Helen, Angie, Barbara, Diane…Soon three training days per week became six, and on the seventh day he studied – Burgener, Starrett, Paoli, whatever he could find. These days, under the tutelage of coaches Beau and Katie, the old dog continues to learn new tricks and tries to put his many years of classroom teaching experience to good use in in that most pragmatic of all schools – the box.

BA, English/Creative Writing, University of Colorado, 1992
M.Ed., University of Colorado, 1993
CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course, Spring 2014
Apprentice Coach, CrossFit Burlington, Fall 2014
CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer Course, Fall 2015
CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Course, Spring 2016

Masters’ Competitor, Milford Mayhem, 2015
Two-time CrossFit Open competitor, 2014/2015
Two-time Spartan Beast finisher, Killington 2013/2014
Spartan Sprint finisher, Mount Tremblant 2014
Waterbury Gravel-Grind finisher, 2012
Two-time Vermont City Marathon finisher
Leaf Peeper Half-Marathon finisherr
Green Mountain Relay finisher
Olympic distance triathlete
Outward Bound graduate