About CFB


CrossFit Burlington (CFB) is a school of elite fitness.  Our foundation for programming is CrossFit, a results-based exercise training regimen.  Workouts are measurable, data-driven, scalable, and programmed to challenge the beginner, the experienced, and all in between.

CFB’s athletes come from all backgrounds, professions, and abilities.  Developing a general physical preparedness is our primary focus for all of our members.  We achieve this objective using three general movement modalities: weight-lifting, gymnastics, and mono-structural (cardio).  We execute these movements intensely by making the training priority one of the following:  1) the elements 2) the tasks or 3) time.

Common practice for our athletes is to perform four to six sessions per week. CFB offers
CrossFit training as an hourly class in a group setting for its members.  Each hour will consist of a warm-up, mobility work, skill and/or strength work, instruction of the movements included in the workout of the day (WOD), the WOD (typically for a prescribed time or for a prescribed number of repetitions in the shortest time possible), and conclude with a cool-down session.

CFB’s Philosophy:  Quality COACHING is paramount and the fundamental basis of our program.  Friendly, but genuine COMPETITION is the catalyst.  Individual achievement and a cohesive COMMUNITY are the results.

To learn more about CrossFit, please visit the What is CrossFit? page.